Its the little things

Companies spend tons of time into many irrelevant details. Here are a couple of (relatively) recent ones which rightly earn the “silly” prize:

  • Skype’s demographic targeting: Let’s say I am a tad less than 87, so how come I am supposed to be driven to upgrade my Skype by this ad:
    Maybe I am supposed to be shamed into action? the baby boomers are leaving me behind in the dust?
    In any case – one sure result is that I posted the image here, no PR is bad PR, right?
  • Someone in Facebook came up with a new deign for the search bar:
    The design is awesome, it blends perfectly into the page, so perfectly that it is unnoticeable. This is somewhat jarring given the fact that the company is all about the new graph search.
  • Later edit – apparently this did not go unnoticed, and got fixed:

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