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The dark and dangerous side of big data

The dark and dangerous side of big data

I love the “big data” trend: the possibilities of  being able to fully collect and analyze user behavior are tremendous. However, we must not take the human factor out of the equation. Big data is not all intelligent algorithms tirelessly seeking connections – Humans are very much the key part – the part of interpretation and translation … Continue reading

Deep in user feedback

Too often, we fall into the human fallacy of remembering only the one who shouts loudest and latest. By countering this with numbers, you can provide your users with a better product and a better service. By using good analytics, you can get the answer to which feature most resonates with your user base Continue reading

On the virtue of listening

Product management stands at a crossroads between sales, marketing and engineering (sometimes support and QA as well). Many times, you have to make hard decisions, for example: Sales people need a “feature” in order to close a deal Support feel that access to premium support channels should be strictly controlled so that only premium customers … Continue reading

In-context Tips – better than your average silly feature

[picapp align=”none” wrap=”false” link=”term=perplexed&iid=174173″ src=”0170/fd1e7acd-72b5-401e-88ff-b2001d040767.jpg?adImageId=12947858&imageId=174173″ width=”234″ height=”351″ /] A while ago, we launched CloudShare Pro, our consumer service. One type of recurring feedback I got on the product was: “The UI and usability are dead on. I’ve used several cloud vendors, and they are all difficult to navigate, or admin. They are certainly difficult to … Continue reading

On the importance of feedback

When we designed our latest service, I included into the product from day one several avenues for the users to input feedback: there is a quick four question survey at registration (who you are, what do you expect to find here, ..). There is another when you upgrade your account and we have a very … Continue reading

Party! – Linux style

Even though I left engineering behind more than seven years ago, once a geek, always a geek. I fondly recall how back in the day, we used to have “Lan Parties” – people would show up with computers (not an easy task, as laptops were mostly unheard of, as was wifi) and connect into one … Continue reading