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Saas – consider CRM from day two

Saas – consider CRM from day two

While most startups do not have CRM initially, many do have a lead-based automated marketing machine from day one. Very often, the technology is developed first thing and later on, comes the marketing organization. A good marketing process today works off lead generation and tracking, leading likely opportunities to the site using a combination of … Continue reading

In-context Tips – better than your average silly feature

[picapp align=”none” wrap=”false” link=”term=perplexed&iid=174173″ src=”0170/fd1e7acd-72b5-401e-88ff-b2001d040767.jpg?adImageId=12947858&imageId=174173″ width=”234″ height=”351″ /] A while ago, we launched CloudShare Pro, our consumer service. One type of recurring feedback I got on the product was: “The UI and usability are dead on. I’ve used several cloud vendors, and they are all difficult to navigate, or admin. They are certainly difficult to … Continue reading

The wrong holiday card

Lately, I have been flooded with seasons greetings cards from various vendors and suppliers we work with, as well as pure spam. This is not unusual at this time of year. What did catch my attention, is one such email from a vendor we use to outsource a certain feature. This vendor, providing a low-cost … Continue reading