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Just do it – on agile vs. waterfall

Just do it – on agile vs. waterfall

Like many of my colleagues, I love the conceptual idea of agile software development – forgo with the ancient ways of a long release cycle and move forward with quick bursts, course-correcting when needed. The lure, for the feature greedy product manager, is immense: you quickly “see” results, and have higher transparency into the product development cycle. … Continue reading

The hidden costs of the installer package

So you have a successful SaaS business, and you come across that first customer who has a unique security need, demanding an “On Premise” version of your product. Before you start off that path, a few important things to consider: You may say that today’s world is shifting towards SaaS, and you may point at … Continue reading

The scientific product manager II – what to measure

In an earlier post I highlighted how important it is to track your product using measurable analytics. But what should you, as a PM, actually measure? Again, analytics will not replace your intuition and customer feedback. Marketing has evolved to become a science. Any marketer can tell you what’s her lead conversion rate, lead acquisition cost, … Continue reading

Deep in user feedback

Too often, we fall into the human fallacy of remembering only the one who shouts loudest and latest. By countering this with numbers, you can provide your users with a better product and a better service. By using good analytics, you can get the answer to which feature most resonates with your user base Continue reading