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The most important trait of a product manager

The most important trait of a product manager

I recently came across a LinkedIn survey asking the  above question – what is the most important qualification for a product manager. Curiously, the answers were: Energy and Passion Visionary Demonstrate Leadership Multitasking Problem Solving Granted, all of the above are great qualities for any employee, especially a leader in a cross functional organization (like most product … Continue reading

The product owner

Many publications about product management mention the concept that “the product manager is the CEO for the product” – but what does that mean, in practical terms? For many organizations, most especially ones that are project driven, or just any company with customers ;-)   – the product manager becomes the epicenter for many decisions regarding … Continue reading

Be near your market

My good friend Ophir published a rebuttal to an article by Steve Duplessie. You should read both pieces, they make excellent food for thought. My thinking led me to an old question: In today’s connected world – does the physical location of certain functions within your organization matter? All Israeli companies I have worked with had to … Continue reading

Let your product manager in on the business decisions

You can empower your product team and eventually create better products. In many organizations, preparing the product roadmap involves feature-level discussions: a basket of features is presented, along with estimated costs for each, and a decision comprised of the main new features is reached. These types of discussions severely limit your product managements ability to … Continue reading