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The scientific product manager II – what to measure

In an earlier post I highlighted how important it is to track your product using measurable analytics. But what should you, as a PM, actually measure? Again, analytics will not replace your intuition and customer feedback. Marketing has evolved to become a science. Any marketer can tell you what’s her lead conversion rate, lead acquisition cost, … Continue reading

Deep in user feedback

Too often, we fall into the human fallacy of remembering only the one who shouts loudest and latest. By countering this with numbers, you can provide your users with a better product and a better service. By using good analytics, you can get the answer to which feature most resonates with your user base Continue reading

Want to drive off your customers?

So you own an online service with significant traffic and you are making a decent income. How can you increase your income?

Some folk would say: push to your customers those add-on services they have not yet purchased. As a product manager, my answer to these folk would be: DON’T! Continue reading

On the importance of feedback

When we designed our latest service, I included into the product from day one several avenues for the users to input feedback: there is a quick four question survey at registration (who you are, what do you expect to find here, ..). There is another when you upgrade your account and we have a very … Continue reading

Form vs. function and silly features

Recently, my company launched a new service. Part of developing the service was a long process of crafting a UI which is usable and clearly understood. However, I insisted on one feature which provides no clear usability enhancement: a 3D carousel to select a virtual machine template from a list. A big hug goes out … Continue reading

Be near your market

My good friend Ophir published a rebuttal to an article by Steve Duplessie. You should read both pieces, they make excellent food for thought. My thinking led me to an old question: In today’s connected world – does the physical location of certain functions within your organization matter? All Israeli companies I have worked with had to … Continue reading

The wrong holiday card

Lately, I have been flooded with seasons greetings cards from various vendors and suppliers we work with, as well as pure spam. This is not unusual at this time of year. What did catch my attention, is one such email from a vendor we use to outsource a certain feature. This vendor, providing a low-cost … Continue reading