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Saas – consider CRM from day two

Saas – consider CRM from day two

While most startups do not have CRM initially, many do have a lead-based automated marketing machine from day one. Very often, the technology is developed first thing and later on, comes the marketing organization. A good marketing process today works off lead generation and tracking, leading likely opportunities to the site using a combination of … Continue reading

On the importance of feedback

When we designed our latest service, I included into the product from day one several avenues for the users to input feedback: there is a quick four question survey at registration (who you are, what do you expect to find here, ..). There is another when you upgrade your account and we have a very … Continue reading

Let your product manager in on the business decisions

You can empower your product team and eventually create better products. In many organizations, preparing the product roadmap involves feature-level discussions: a basket of features is presented, along with estimated costs for each, and a decision comprised of the main new features is reached. These types of discussions severely limit your product managements ability to … Continue reading