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Saas – consider CRM from day two

Saas – consider CRM from day two

While most startups do not have CRM initially, many do have a lead-based automated marketing machine from day one. Very often, the technology is developed first thing and later on, comes the marketing organization. A good marketing process today works off lead generation and tracking, leading likely opportunities to the site using a combination of … Continue reading

The hidden costs of the installer package

So you have a successful SaaS business, and you come across that first customer who has a unique security need, demanding an “On Premise” version of your product. Before you start off that path, a few important things to consider: You may say that today’s world is shifting towards SaaS, and you may point at … Continue reading

In-context Tips – better than your average silly feature

[picapp align=”none” wrap=”false” link=”term=perplexed&iid=174173″ src=”0170/fd1e7acd-72b5-401e-88ff-b2001d040767.jpg?adImageId=12947858&imageId=174173″ width=”234″ height=”351″ /] A while ago, we launched CloudShare Pro, our consumer service. One type of recurring feedback I got on the product was: “The UI and usability are dead on. I’ve used several cloud vendors, and they are all difficult to navigate, or admin. They are certainly difficult to … Continue reading